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The Central Ontario Music Council is an assembled team of music community leaders who are working with Music Canada Resources to develop Barrie and Central Ontario into a vibrant music economy.  Members of the council represent all sectors of commercial music including music artists, musicians, venues, technology, tourism, marketing, large scale festivals, music societies, production, education, promotion, managers, local government and radio stations.

There is a growing interest in Music City strategies worldwide and many Ontario communities are at the forefront of work being done to stimulate the growth of the music sector. A vibrant music economy drives value for cities in so many important ways, including job creation, tourism development, city brand building and artistic growth.

Everyone on the council believes music is powerful and It is also an economic driver and has a positive economic impact on communities. The Central Ontario Music Council is designed to be an advisory body to help Cities such as Barrie, Orillia, Oro-Medonte and other Central Ontario municipalities accelerate the growth of the music economy, identify and eliminate barriers that negatively affect commercial music.

Together The Central Ontario Music Council will help in the building of Music Cities for the region.

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If you have anything to do with music in our region we need to hear from you!  Below is a link to a simple survey. If you take a few minutes to tell us a little bit about your business we would really appreciate it

Are you a part of the music scene in Simcoe County? This survey is intended to reach individuals and businesses ranging from casual music fans to seasoned industry professionals, and from independent music teachers to international festivals. Wherever you (or your business) might fall on this wide spectrum: If you are involved in and passionate about the music scene here in Simcoe County, it is important that your voice be heard.

This survey will present you with questions based on your self-identified involvement in the music ecosystem (e.g. musician, venue owner, festival promoter). Some of the questions will ask for specific numbers such as employment, volunteerism and revenue. These have been included so that we can map and size up the region’s music industry. All individual responses will be kept confidential and anonymous; only aggregate numbers will be used in the report.

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